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Welcome to the web page of Davvi Arctic Husky Kennels. Although we have been running tours for a long time, our web presence is relatively new. Shortly, this section will be filled with content and updates which we hope will be of interest. 

Sasha - Kennels Manager

About Us


Davvi Arctic Husky Kennels

Our kennels is home to more than 100 Alaskan huskies, of varying ages and running abilities, all cared for by our dedicated team who have decades of continuous experience between them. The dogs are busiest running during the winter months, when they are visited by thousands of tourists from all over the world, curious about their way of life (and you can count on the dogs being only too keen and eager to show off their talents!) We offer sledding tours of varying lengths to suit abilities, either during the day or at night time - perhaps your sledding tour will be blessed by the appearance of the Northern Lights?! 

Our dogs are part of our company, and are therefore our responsibility - we take that responsibility very seriously. Davvi Arctic charges a fee for sledding tours, and therefore it is only proper that the huskies share in the benefit from that enterprise by being provided with the best facilities for their livelihood. We do not offset our responsibility by operating any 'sponsor a husky' stunt - our dogs are well cared for and so are not a charitable cause. 


Ethical Sledding

Our huskies are our colleagues and are as much a part of the Davvi Arctic team as their human counterparts. The welfare of the dogs and their living conditions is therefore of paramount importance. This section will be updated shortly to detail the standards we apply, but in the meantime we take pride in showing our guests around the kennels and answering any questions.  


Work With Us

We are always looking for help at our kennels and so would love to hear from handlers and guides with relevant experience. We have a number of positions available on an annual basis - roles which are both seasonal or long term. Please visit our recruitment page for further details.