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Davvi Arctic Safaris

Having been offering memorable activities in the Arctic Circle for the last 13 years, we know what makes a Lapland safari great, and have an enviable range of activities and excursions to chose from. 

Our prices and availability for winter 2020/21 will be available soon! 

Our Safaris



Snowmobiling is one of our most popular activities in Lapland, and gives you the chance to zip down frozen rivers and along officially marked routes at pace. We offer a number of snowmobile tours; some at night in search of the Northern Lights, and some during the day where occasional stops are made to take in the spectacular views from known vantage points. 


Reindeer Safari

The area's oldest form of transport, livelihood, and industry, reindeer are iconic and emblematic of Lapland itself. It's almost impossible to visit Lapland without seeing reindeer - there are almost ten times more reindeer than there are people. Our tours may include a reindeer sleigh ride and an audience with a local reindeer herder who will introduce their culture and way of life. 


Husky Sledding

Although a relative newcomer to Lapland, husky sledding has been a popular activity in these parts for some decades now. With our own eager teams of Alaskan huskies waiting for the off, you'll feel the swish of the sled and away you go: over lakes, through forests, and across the tundra, the scenery is spectacular - for your passenger! For more on our husky kennels, click here. 


Ice Fishing

A time-old tradition of locals for many generations, this once essential Arctic survival skill is now a favourite pastime and hobby for many. After travelling down the river to a suitable location by snowmobile, you stop to bore a hole in the river's ice until you hit the water. Then, drop your bait and await - maybe you'll catch your dinner? If not, you'll have fun trying. 



Our small cluster of igloos are built anew each year from the fresh snowfall and ice hewn from the nearby River. The bed is made from a block of ice, covered with reindeer hides. Sounds cold? Although made from snow and ice, the igloos can be surprisingly snug inside! Still, if it does get too chilly, your hotel room at the Davvi Arctic Lodge is just a short walk away.  


Santa's Lapland

Of course, it wouldn't be a festive trip to Lapland without visiting Santa himself! Everyone knows Lapland is the home of the real Father Christmas, but very few know where he actually lives. Rumours abound that he resides in a secret cabin hidden deep in the snowy forest - maybe some trusty reindeer can help find him?